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Benefits of Using for Found Pets

If you are a large or small Animal Welfare Organisation, a veterinary practice, a cat-, bird-, ferret- or any other animal rescue organisation or group, below are just a few of the benefits for organisations who register their 'Found' pets on

  • All of your Found Pets are listed in one place for you
  • You can access your Found Pets Listing from anywhere you can access to the internet
  • Organisations can include their own Internal Reference Number and have a Private Notes section for each pet for their own information
  • Our unique matching process automatically checks for matches with registered Lost pets every time you add a Found pet. Owners are notified of potential matches by email – so you don't have to manually check the database
  • Saves you time – communication with Owners is done through the site's Secure Messaging System. Your phone number is never published, which saves you lots of time being on phone calls to distressed Owners. You are notified by email when you have a message on the site and you can then allocate time to respond to messages at a time which is convenient to operational needs — we do ask that messages are responded to as quickly as possible though
  • Quick and Easy – once your account is registered and validated, it only takes a couple of minutes to add each pet's details
  • You can add up to 3 photos to help Owners check if the pet is theirs – preventing unnecessary enquiries and saving you time
  • Pets can be set to have a specific listing period (eg 7 days, 14 days etc) and then be removed from the site automatically – saving you time, and it means you don't have to remember to remove listings. You will be sent a reminder for each pet a couple of days before the removal date with a single-click link to use if you want to extend the time that pet is to be shown on the site
  • Full history of pets added to your account – we never delete records
  • Enables you to show 'due diligence' in trying ro reunite Found Pets with their owners – by listing a pet on Pets Located for 7 days (or any other period of time) you can prove that you tried to reunite it with its owner
  • Full audit trail in the background – includes when a pet was added, all updates to the pet's details, any match notifications sent to Owners, messages sent between Owners and yourself and when the pet's listing was removed from the website. Any of this information is available upon request to Pets Located
  • We provide packets of free A5 leaflets (shown below) and A3 posters for Organisations to give out to members of the public - just ask us and we'll send them out to you, free of charge.

If you would like to chat to us to find out more – or have specific requirements that we may be able to help you with – please do fill in our contact form and we will give you a ring back

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