Pets Located - Automatically and proactively reuniting you with your pet 24/7

If you've lost a cat, dog, ferret, rabbit, bird, tortoise or any other pet …

Pets Located will automatically and continually check the 'Found Pets' list and e-mail you with potential matches, 24 hours a day – every single day. Find out how »

Registration starts at only £6.00 per pet. This is often recoverable if your pet is insured. By registering your lost pet with us, you can take advantage of the many services provided by Pets Located such as: (click on the for more information)

24 hour automatic checking
Automatic checking of your lost pet's details against all registered found pets – 24 hours a day – UK-wide
Automatic Notifications
Automatic e-mail notifications of potential matches – we continually search so you don't have to
Secure Messaging
Unlimited secure messaging with Finders through our online Secure Messaging System – your personal details are never given to others. Communication is done securely through this website using a unique Messaging Name. Please see our Privacy Policy
Free Text Notifications
Text Notifications you can opt-in to get a free text as soon as you have a reply to a message you've sent
Check if messages have been read
Check if messages you've sent have been read
Automatic Reminders
Automatic reminders sent for unread messages – if you've sent a message and it hasn't been read after 24 hours, we automatically send a reminder to the Finder to remind them there's a message waiting
Lost Pet Alerts
As well as the fully automated matching process, our Pet Alerts system currently has over 700 users who also actively look for lost pets. Your missing pet's details are immediately e-mailed out as soon as your registration is complete. An e-mail with your pet's details (and photo, if added) is automatically sent to everyone signed up for Pet Alerts for your type of pet within their chosen radius
Your pet's details are tweeted to over 13,700 followers as soon as your registration is complete. This includes a large number of people working with lost and found pets themselves. We also have 6,600 followers on Facebook who regularly share the information with other people and animal organisations
Share on Social Media
Easy to share your lost pet listing through a large number of social media options such as Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and lots more
Free Posters
Free, downloadable 'Lost Pet' poster
Facebook Directory
Access to our exclusive Facebook Directory with over 240 additional resources (available soon)
Mark as 'no match'
Ability to mark pets as 'no match' – so you don't keep looking at the same ones
Search Engine Optimised
Pets Located is fully Search Engine optimised to ensure high placings for pets lost and found in all locations
Thousands of Found Pets on database
6,560 Found pets currently active on the database waiting to be matched against your Lost pet
Lost cost - 24 /7 service
Nominal fee for a 24/7 service – why do we make a small charge? Click here to find out
Renewal Reminders
Automated e-mail reminders before your subscription expires so you can renew if you'd like to
Privacy First
Privacy-First Policy – your details are never given to 3rd Parties
Lost Pets across the whole UK
We cover the whole of the UK

Registration starts at only £6.00 per pet - and this can often be recovered through pet insurance. View our pricing information and why we make a small charge.

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You are also welcome to manually search our database of cats, dogs and many other pets which have been found or handed in to local rescue centres, animal welfare organisations, vets and dog wardens. This will provide you with a good overview of the 'found' pets which are listed on this website.

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