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Below are just a few of the many grateful comments received from customers. They have been copied-and-pasted from e-mails or are comments added via the website:

Found Bird - Lupa

Thanks to this site and the rspca and fantastic community our Lupa has been found and returned safe and well!

She was found 3/4 of a mile and some busy roads away - reported and picked up by an RSPCA unit who dropped her to Putney animal hospital where we were able to pick her up this morning.

Eternally grateful to all who helped in the search of our beloved parakeet who is chirping away and chomping on walnuts.

Found Cat

I contacted a lady who had lost her cat and listed on this site. She looked at my post and said the cat looked very much like hers. We discussed in detail over the phone and she sent lots of pics of her missing cat which looked identical to the one I found. She came to visit and agreed that the cat was hers but having been missing for nearly 3 months if she didn't settle I would take her as she was happy at mine.

All has worked out and she is very happy being back at home.

As soon as the information was on your site people viewed and then shared in local area. We printed posters as suggested, then got a call. Success we now have our much loved cat back home. Your website started a chain of events thank you so much, would recommend this site to anyone in same situation.

My pet is now reunited with his family now. I have to say many many thanks to a great web site and many thanks to the finder of my pet. My African Grey parrots lost on 20/04/2015 and with help of great people and fantastic website now my pet is reunited with his family. When we lost Zazou the only hope we had to contact RSPCA with their advice registered my pet with pets Within a day we found two matches identified my pet with immediate contact through email and exchanging photos and email and contact number finally got to the person looking after my pet.

We are so excited with help of great people and fantastic website now our pet is reunited with his family. Zazou found within less than 24h/s God bless u all.  


My pet was found 4 months later. As she had a collar on her with my number and postcode someone realised she was very far from home.

Thank god never been happier she was found 6 miles away.


We were away for the weekend and a neighbour had agreed to feed Charlie. When we got back on the Monday evening he wasn't around and the neighbour said she hadn't seen him that day. We looked for him on the Tuesday and put posters up as well as posting his details through lots of houses local to us. I signed up [to Pets Located] on the Wednesday, had a couple of possible matches and then received an email and alert on the Thursday late afternoon to say the PDSA in Old Trafford thought they had had him dropped off with them. We went along first thing this morning to confirm it was him and bring him home. It turned out he had travelled much further then the 5 or 6 streets and kilometre or so we were searching for him in : he was picked up nearly 2 miles from home. He didn't have a collar on and isn't chipped so if i hadn't signed up to pets located I very much doubt we'd ever have got him back. 


Winston went missing on Christmas Day 2014 and was reunited within 2 hours.

"I'm just so happy to have been reunited with Winston and it's all thanks to Pets Located. It the best Christmas present ever."

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My cat was matched within minutes. Collected her from [...] next day. Thank you for great website and service.


Thanks to Steve, and of course Pets located, my parrot is now Home and cheeky as ever. After being missing for a week I received a message from Pets Located i got in-touch with the the very nice Guy who had found Her and looked after her and arranged to pick her up. Thanks again to Pets Located and Steve.


From the Finder: It gives me an inner warmth of satisfaction knowing I was part of the safe conclusion of this outcome. Knowing Shmee is back home safe is a good reward.

From the Owner: Thank you very very much for your huge part in helping to find Shmee. Yes, im over the moon to have him back. Forever Grateful. Shmee's owner.

George was found by a neighbour a couple of days ago [...] I can't believe how quickly possible matches were found-the system works well. Although I hope I do not need the service, I would have no hesitation in doing so if faced with that situation again. Once again thank you and keep up the good work
Reunited lost cat

I went on holiday for 12 days. On my return I was told Lusso had not been seen for a week. The following morning i rang local vets, RSPCA, the local council,CPL and the PDSA.

The PDSA were the most helpful and suggested i should try

I instantly signed up with the site and got Lusso's details out there. I was given hope with other pets reunited with their owners.

I received an email via petslocated from neighbours that live the other side of the railway line to me. They sent a photograph along with the email and low and behold it was Lusso , and he hadnt left my side since.

I would definately recommend your website. I am enternally grateful to everyone associated with Lusso's return.

Many Thanks. Keep up the good work and i will keep spreading the word.


I am very happy to say that my cat arrived home yesterday, a little thinner but healthy and sound. Many many thanks anyone who looked for her and to those who have got in touch.

Thanks also to Petslocated - as I was putting up a poster in the park, someone said 'I saw that cat this morning'!


RSPCA had reported her as 'found' on Pets Located. I have been reunited with her.

Thank you.


Jamie was found by a neighbour, returned home after being missing for 11 days.

Jamie is fit & well, my wife and I are extremely happy.

Thank you for giving us hope and assistance.

Especially with a easy to use poster creator.

Etzio - Reunited cat

Etzio returned safe and well Thankyou for your service it was very helpful at a worrying time

Bobbin has been found tired and a little thin but alive and well thanks for the help and will pass your details on to anyone who might need them.
He was found in Mortimer. 4.3 miles from search area

Ginger the Chicken

Ginger the Chicken - PetsLocated's very first reunite

This story was featured worldwide in the media - click here for details

When Tom Cowley lost his beloved pet chicken he was offered help from as far away as America. But as the age-old joke would have it, the wandering fowl was found much closer to home after she merely “crossed the road”.

Animal lover Tom was devastated after Ginger escaped from his back garden. He feared he would never see the Gingernut Ranger hen again, but he hadn't counted on Twitter.

After a frantic two-day search, the 11-year-old's mother Louise logged on to share her distress and a US follower retweeted her post.

This was seen by Catherine Inglis, the founder of, who then contacted Louise to spread the word about missing Ginger.

In a stroke of luck, one of their posters was spotted by Emma Maloret, from Tiny Horizons nursery, who recognised the hen straight away as it was cosied up on the nursery farm.

Tiny Horizons is on the opposite side of the busy A43, where Tom lives, in Moulton, Northampton.

This meant that brave Ginger had merely walked across the road.Louise, who runs a bakery business, said: "It was amazing. We did look for Ginger and asked neighbours but we'd given up. It's hilarious, really. We're delighted to have her back."

Tom, who also has a gecko, three fish and a dog, added: "Ginger has been my pet chicken for two years and when I lost her last week I couldn't believe it. How she crossed such a busy a road and survived I'll never know."