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Male grey and white short-haired tabby cat found in Redbridge, Greater London (IG4) on 31st December 2015

Male grey and white short-haired tabby cat found in Redbridge, Greater London
Last Known Location:
Ilford Redbridge, Redbridge, Greater London, IG4
Date Found:
31st December 2015 (2420 days ago)
Approximate Age:
Medium Age
Main Colour:
Grey and White
Other Features:
HE IS MISSING BUT EVERYONE HAS GIVEN UP SO THEY ARE NOT WILLING TO PAY FOR A LOST REPORT. I KNOW IT'S A LONG SHOT PLEASE HELP ME! IF THERE'S ANY WEBSITES YOU KNOW THAT CAN HELP PLEASE MESSAGE! tabby like, stripe like markings. white triangle on forehead. markings go down to paws(paws white) on front legs. lost in 2016/2017. WAS 8 MONTHS WHEN WE FIRST FOUND HIM in 2016 as a stray and took him in so NOW HE WOULD BE AROUND 3-6 YEARS OLD. HE IS MICROCHIPPED TO OUR HOUSE. Previously HAD EAR TREATMENT(wasn't serious only had to have it treated for about a month). with a heavy heart we had to rehome him, with a family friend and he ran away. unsure if he had collar on when he ran away as we lost contact with rehomed owner. we don't know exact date he was lost, just some time between 2016 and 2017(beginning or end of either years), so we just put the start of 2016 in case, so please do not think the age is 5 years. Age would be between 3-5. even if you think you have seen or have him, but age is wrong please still contact us. we are desperate. Even a sighting would be amazing. Or you may have seen a lost poster for him as someone else may have took him in thinking he was stray but he could have ran away from them too. Just any cat you see that looks similar EVEN IF: owned(as they may have took him in without realizing), lost(someone may have took him in and he ran away again) or stray, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact us. . please help us find him we miss him so much! any help would be unimaginably appreciated! area last seen is Ilford, Redbridge but since he is a former stray he could have wandered anywhere. PLEASE HELP WE LOVE AND MISS HIM UNIMAGINABALY! HE IS A PART OF OUR FAMILY AND WE NEED HIM BACK! PLEASE!???
Microchip Id:
Not yet checked for a microchip
Pet Reference:
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Our Ref: IG0153337

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This is the area where Princy was last seen on 31st December 2015