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How Pets Located Works

Pets Located is different to the other 'lost and found' websites and Facebook groups … here's how:

Pets Located provides a forum for owners of missing pets to post detailed listings of their pet and the last known location.  It also provides the finders of lost animals (individuals, vets, Animal Welfare organisations etc) with the facility to post detailed information of animals they have found (free of charge).

Pets Located is an independent service that uses the best available technology to automatically match the information on each posting to any similar ones on the database. This is done 24 hours a day, seven days a week on an automated basis - so, unlike other 'Lost Pet' websites, it does not rely on someone manually checking a listing. Every time a 'lost' or 'found' pet is added to our database, it will automatically be checked against existing entries.

Our unique matching service then immediately e-mails owners with any potential matches for them to review.

Please Note: All pets added to the website are entered directly by Owners and Finders — Pets Located does NOT handle, or have direct knowledge of, any of the pets listed on the site. Communication is facilitated directly between Owners and Finders.

Why Use Pets Located?

If you have lost a pet, you are not just paying for an online presence - Pets Located continually searches its listings and automatically matches details of relevant pets which have been registered as missing to pets which have been logged as found.  This search takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and continues for the whole period of your missing-pet subscription.

If you have not voluntarily removed your posting before the end of your subscription the posting will expire. You will be offered the opportunity to renew your listing by e-mail several days before the expiry date.  The renewal notice will be sent to the initial e-mail address that you registered with Pets Located. We do not renew subscriptions automatically.

Pets Located was created to provide an easy-to-use and efficient system for reuniting lost pets with their owners and to ensure that searching continues constantly for the entire period of your subscription.

Consider these key benefits

  • Pets Located continually searches for your missing pet, 24 hours a day, for the full term of your subscription
  • Free instant e-mail notifications of potential matches
  • Fresh, active database, new postings hourly
  • Numerous Animal Welfare Organisations as well as members of the public constantly add found pets, which are automatically checked against the Lost Pets database
  • The Pets Located website is fast, reliable and easy to use
  • Secure communication for both owners and finders through the website's Secure Messaging System - no personal details or the exact location of pets are ever given to the other party
  • Ability to opt-in for a free text as soon you get a reply to a message you've sent
  • Matches are based on key features including distance and are graded according to strength of match
  • Automatic e-mails are sent advising owners about potential matches as soon as matching pets are added to the database
  • The Pets Located web site is FREE for finders of lost animals to create a posting
  • The Pets Located web site makes only a small charge starting from £6.00 per pet (less any discount) for an owner posting details of their missing pet
  • You may be able to claim the cost of your Pets Located posting back from your pet insurance company (dependant on the terms and conditions of your particular policy)
  • The Pets Located web site is search-engine optimised to ensure maximum exposure for your missing pet listing
  • All lost and found registrations are immediately posted to over 13,300 followers on Twitter and other websites via RSS Feeds as well as our own Pet Alerts system. The details are not only seen by Animal Welfare organisations in your area, but are also regularly retweeted by our followers. We also have 6,000 followers on Facebook who share the information with other people and organisations
  • Pets Located brings together lost and found pets in one place, enabling local authority dog wardens, vets, animal rescue centres, animal charities and members of the public to access one port of information to maximise the opportunity of reuniting a pet and its owner
  • As soon as a registration is complete, you can print free, ready-to-use posters from within your account
  • Continual improvements and updates to the website to make it even better for you

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