If you've lost a cat, dog, rabbit, bird, hamster or any other pet ...


Register your missing pet and Pets Located will automatically and continually check the 'Found Pets' list for you.

Search our database for your lost cats, dogs and parrots or other pets


You are welcome to search our database of lost cats, dogs and many other pets which have been found or handed in to local rescue centres, animal welfare organisations, vets and dog wardens. This will provide you with a good overview of the 'found' pets which are listed on this website.


It only costs £12.00 to register your lost pet for a full 12 months* - and this can often be recovered through pet insurance.


By registering your lost pet with us, you can take advantage of the unique services provided by Pets Located such as:


Register your lost cat, dog, parrot or other pet now

  • Pets Located automatically checks your lost pet's details against all found pets which are registered on the database - both existing entries, and every time a new found pet is added. This runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - click here for more information
  • Automatic e-mail notification of pets added to our database which match the details of your pet — for a whole year
  • Ability to limit searches to a specified radius from the place your pet was last seen (unregistered users can still search the whole of the UK)
  • Ability to mark pets as 'no match' so you don't keep looking at the same ones
  • Unlimited messaging with people who have found the pets you think may be your missing pet via our secure messaging system
  • Found and missing pets are immediately tweeted out to over 9100 followers on Twitter and are posted to other websites via RSS Feeds for maximum exposure (and are regularly re-tweeted by our followers)
  • Pets Located is fully Search Engine optimised to ensure high placings for pets lost and found in all locations where pets have been found
  • You can print a free, ready-to-use 'Lost Pet' poster as soon as your registration is complete
  • You can easily share your lost pet listing through a large number of social media options such as Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and lots more
  • Over 15,000 Found pets currently active on the database waiting to be matched against your Lost pet



Click here to register your lost pet now.



* Other registration terms are available. The 12 month option offers the best value for money and the most hope of being able to reunite you with your pet.

















Pets reunited by Pets Located

Pets reunited by Pets Located

Pets reunited by Pets Located

Pets reunited by Pets Located