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Lost and Found Ferrets, Cats, Birds, Dogs in Northern Ireland


Beige/Cream ferret found in Belfast (BT15) - 13th February 2019

Tabby cat found in Carrickfergus (BT38) - 27th May 2018

Tortoiseshell/Calico cat found in Hilltown (BT34) - 15th March 2018

Mainly/All Black cat found in Belfast (BT14) - 13th December 2017

Grey and White cat lost in East Belfast (BT6) [106758]

Brown/Chocolate cat lost in Larne (BT40) [103041]

Tabby cat lost in East Belfast (BT6) [95409]

Gold/Yellow bird lost in Belfast (BT8) [94246]

Black and White dog lost in Killinchy (BT23) [126534]

Mainly/All White dog found in Ballymena (BT44) [122109]

Grey/Silver bird lost in Cloghmills (BT44) [92052]


2019-04-27 21:02:10