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Suggestions for Members of the Public who have lost a pet

We know how distressing it can be when your pet goes missing so have provided a few suggestions of other steps you could take to help you to find your pet.

As well as a number of the Animal Welfare organisations regularly adding found animals to the PetsLocated database that they've had handed in, we also have vets and members of the public constantly registering found pets on this site. We therefore suggest that you register your lost pet as soon as possible. For full details on how the automated matching system works to continually check for matches to your pet, please visit our How We Work page.

You may also wish to contact the following:

  • Dog Warden Service - finders of stray dogs are legally obliged to report stray dogs to the Dog Warden
  • Local Vets, animal charities and welfare organisations
  • Your microchip company (if applicable)
  • The Local Authority - who have the responsibility for collecting deceased animals

Once you have registered your lost pet on this website, you can also print an unlimited number of posters free of charge from within your account.

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