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The UK's Best Value GPS Pet Tracker

Welcome to Safer Pet

Pets Located has officially partnered with Safer Pet - The UK’s Best Value GPS Pet Tracker. Safer Pet offers a simple to use GPS tracker that works through a mobile app to help locate your pets.

Safer Pet offers both real-time and historical tracking, with the UK’s best value pet tracker subscription plans.


Track your pets 24/7, via GPS

Easy setup

The smallest GPS tracker on the market

Lightweight – the Safer Pet tracker is the lightest on the market

Track all your pets in the one app

Dedicated UK phone based support

Historical logs within the app which allows you to access all your pet’s movements

Share app access with your friends and family

What Customers Say About Us

Kathryn G
This is our third tracker and we’ve finally found a company that sells a gps tracker that works for our cat. We bought 2 so we can charge one whilst Yogi Bear is wearing the other one. It’s very accurate too and the battery lasts well. Highly recommended!
Sue F.
Meet Dani our Spanish rescued Breton Spaniel. We hadn’t had him very long when we had to take a trip to the Isle of Wight. Here he is wearing his tracker, tooting the car horn at the queue waiting to load onto the ferry which was 90 minutes late! After a few weeks we were able to let him off the lead on his walks. The tracker is invaluable for this. So far we haven’t had to worry as he always returns. But I can see where he is on the tracker which is comforting.
Jill L.
Benji, our 7 month old labrador, has been wearing his Safer Pet tracker for almost a week. It is great to be able to know where he is at all times and I have found the app on my phone very straightforward. The email that I sent to the Support Team about the only small query I had was immediately answered. I was most impressed.

Contact Us

You can contact Safer Pet’s dedicated UK customer support team by email via [email protected]

Alternatively, you can call on 0800 046 5083

The support desk is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm
(excluding bank holidays)