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Lost Pet Alerts

If you want to help other people who have lost a pet in your area, why not join over 700 other caring people and sign up for our Pet Alerts e-mails. It's free and could help to reunite a lost pet with its owner.

What are Pet Alerts?

Whenever a cat, dog, ferret, bird or any other pet is registered as lost or missing on this website, an e-mail is automatically sent out with the details (and photo if supplied) to everyone who is signed up to receive a lost pet alert for that type of pet within their given radius so that they can help to look for it.

How do I get Pet Alerts for lost pets?

Anyone can sign up to receive free alerts for pets which have gone missing in their area.

You select which types of pets you want to receive the alerts for as well as the radius from your postcode – i.e. you could choose to just receive alerts for cats lost within 10 miles of you, or you could choose to receive alerts for several types of pet. Click here to register

Can I get alerts for found pets?

No, the Pet Alerts system only sends out alerts for Lost Pets.

The basis of is that we automatically send out e-mails with potential matches to all owners who have registered their pet as lost or missing on this website every time a relevant Found pet is added. Click here to see how we work

What happens if I want to stop receiving Pet Alerts or wish to change the settings?

It's very simple. Just go to the My Alerts page. If you're already logged in to this website the details will be pre-filled. If not, just enter your e-mail address, click on the 'search' button and your details will be retrieved. Alternatively, you can click on the link in any Pet Alert email you get from us.