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Male blue indian ring-necked parakeet lost in Child Okeford “ Milo ” Lost on 01/03/2019 PL Ref: DT0124224
Male green white head pinus partot lost in London “ Kevin ” Lost on 27/02/2019 PL Ref: NW0123967
Male grey/silver african grey parrot lost in Everleigh/ Tidworth Wilshire “ Smokey ” Lost on 26/02/2019 PL Ref: SN0123917
Male green cuban amazon lost in Southall “ Rosa ” Lost on 28/01/2019 PL Ref: UB0122765
Grey/Silver cockatiel lost in Nottingham   Lost on 27/01/2019 PL Ref: NG0122908
Female green red-rumped parakeet lost in Beanhill, Milton Keynes “ Sedgie ” Lost on 23/01/2019 PL Ref: MK0122705
Male red scarlet macaw lost in Basildon “ Harlie ” Lost on 26/12/2018 PL Ref: SS0121535
Female black white necked raven lost in Arley, Bewdley “ Lisa ” Lost on 18/12/2018 PL Ref: DY0120670
Male grey/silver congo african grey lost in Forest Town “ Georgie ” Lost on 12/12/2018 PL Ref: NG0121247
Female black black sparrowhawk lost in Birmingham   Lost on 12/12/2018 PL Ref: B0121145
Gold/Yellow lutino mutation cockatiel lost in Fishponds Rd,Bristol “ bargo ” Lost on 07/12/2018 PL Ref: BS0120918
Female blue bronze winged pionus parrot lost in Bexley Last Seen In Avery Hill   Lost on 01/12/2018 PL Ref: SE0117847
Female white duck white campbell lost in Eccles   Lost on 27/11/2018 PL Ref: M0120570
Male yellow and grey cockatiel lost in Liverpool “ Ollie ” Lost on 09/11/2018 PL Ref: L0119747
Male grey/silver african grey parrot lost in Thorney “ Billy Wizz ” Lost on 30/10/2018 PL Ref: PE0119263
Green yellow sided conure (small parrot) lost in Grendon Underwood “ Coco ” Lost on 29/10/2018 PL Ref: HP0119232
Female grey/silver african grey parrot lost in Alvaston Derby “ Willow ” Lost on 24/10/2018 PL Ref: DE0119026
Male grey/silver normal grey cockatiel lost in Epping “ Errol ” Lost on 28/09/2018 PL Ref: CM0117655
Multi-Coloured galah cocadoo lost in Great Kimble, Bucks “ Galah ” Lost on 27/09/2018 PL Ref: HP0117658
Male grey/silver african grey parrot lost in Halifax   Lost on 26/09/2018 PL Ref: HX0117561
Male grey/silver african grey parrot lost in Immingham North East Lincolnshire “ Winston ” Lost on 09/08/2018 PL Ref: DN0121528
Male green amazon parrot lost in Bradford   Lost on 06/08/2018 PL Ref: BD0115076
Female brown zebra finch lost in Upminster “ Lucky ” Lost on 15/07/2018 PL Ref: RM0113514
Female grey/silver african grey parrot lost in Forest Gate, London “ Tiboule ” Lost on 03/06/2018 PL Ref: E0110591
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