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Florrie the cat - around the county in a campervan...

A Todmorden family's campervan break took a different turn last month for the Jowett family when their precious cat Florrie went missing whilst holidaying in Lancashire.

Florrie the cat, who was a regular companion on the campervan breaks, shocked the family when she jumped out and made a break for the borders, leaving her owners frantically searching the area in a bid to be reunited.

In addition to carrying out the usual lost pet searches, Janet Jowett logged on to and uploaded missing Florrie's details.  Starting to come to terms with her beloved pet was extremely difficult for Janet Jowett who said:

"We have had Florrie since she was a kitten and now at 6 years old, it felt like losing a member of the family."
By using the online search facility, works around the clock searching and matching potential pets and their owners.  After a month of searching possible matches for Florrie, the system flagged up a potential match found in a garden in Cleveleys, miles from where Florrie went missing.

Once a match is made then facilitates the loser to send messages via a secure messaging system to the finder of a matching pet to obtain more details and ascertain whether it is indeed their missing pet.

Janet continues:
"I couldn't believe when a match came up one month later.  I didn't want to get too excited in case it wasn't Florrie but after sending lots of emails and few telephone conversations, I was convinced that the cat the found cat in Cleveleys was mine."

The Jowett family packed the car up once more in the hope that this trip to North Yorkshire would reunite them with their precious pet.

"At first glance I thought yes it's Florrie but on closer inspection I wasn't so sure she had lost a lot of weight. My mother and sister assured me it was her and we got home there was no doubt at all, she ran into the house on to the kitchen table then the work top and onto the sink where she was always fed. "

"If it wasn't for Pets Located we would have never found Florrie.  The fact the website keeps searching the pets continuously for 12 months means that even if your pet is still wondering around eventually you could still be reunited.  Thank you so much Pets Located." is a national online resource designed to reunite missing pets with their owners.  Animal centres, rescue services, vets and the general public, once registered can list any lost and found pets - including full descriptions and photos. The website's automatic search technology works around the clock searching and matching, and e-mails owners as soon as a potential match is made.

Catherine Inglis founder of Pets Located was delighted to reunite Florrie and the Jowett Family:
"When campervan cat Florrie first went missing we couldn't believe it, it's such a unique story and definitely the first of its kind for Pets Located.  Losing a pet is a traumatic time for everyone involved and the whole reason we set up the site.  As with all our reunites we are delighted that Florrie is back in the family home where she belongs."

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