Pets Located - Automatically and proactively reuniting you with your pet 24/7 Prices

All lost-pet registration terms include the same, full range of benefits (listed below).

We do not automatically renew your subscription, so there won't be any ongoing charges unless you choose to renew the subscription yourself.

Subscriptions are 'per pet' but you can change the pet's details within the subscription period if you wish to.

Click here to find out why there's a nominal fee to register your lost pet.

There is no charge for registering found pets.

Benefits of registering your lost pet with Pets Located

24 hour automatic checking
Automatic checking for your lost pet – 24 hours a day – UK-wide
Automatic Notifications
Automatic e-mail notifications of potential matches
Secure Messaging
Unlimited secure messaging with Finders
Free Text Notifications
Text Notifications you can opt-in to get a free text as soon as you have a reply to a message you've sent
Check if messages have been read
Check if messages you've sent have been read
Automatic Reminders
Automatic reminders to Finders for unread messages
Your pet's details are tweeted to over 13,700 followers
Lost Pet Alerts
Your missing pet's details are immediately sent out via our Pet Alerts - with over 700 active users looking for lost pets
Share on Social Media
Easy to share your lost pet listing through social media
Free Posters
Free, downloadable 'Lost Pet' poster
Facebook Directory
Access to our exclusive Facebook Directory with over 240 additional resources (available soon)
Mark as 'no match'
Ability to mark pets as 'no match' – so you don't keep looking at the same ones
Search Engine Optimised
Pets Located is fully Search Engine optimised
Thousands of Found Pets on database
6,650 active found pets on the database
Lost cost - 24 /7 service
Nominal fee for a 24 / 7 / 365 service – why do we make a small charge?
Renewal Reminders
Automated subscription reminder e-mails
Privacy First
Privacy-First Policy – your details are never given to 3rd Parties
Lost Pets across the whole UK
We cover the whole of the UK

Subscription Prices

12 months
to 27th March 2024 (£1.25/mth)
6 months
to 27th September 2023 (£1.67/mth)
3 months
to 27th June 2023 (£2.67/mth)
1 month
to 27th April 2023 (£6.00/mth)
All registration terms include all of the benefits listed above

12 Months

12 months subscription

(expires 27th March 2024)


* Best Value *


(equivalent to £1.25/mth)

6 Months

6 months subscription

(expires 27th September 2023)




(equivalent to £1.67/mth)

3 Months

3 months subscription

(expires 27th June 2023)




(equivalent to £2.67/mth)

1 Month

1 month subscription

(expires 27th April 2023)




(equivalent to £6.00/mth)

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Found Pets Registration

There is no charge for registering as many Found pets as you'd like to. Click here to start registering a Found pet.