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We have only recently started displaying our sucess stories to the public on our new website, which is why they only got back a few months. There have been dozens more in the 10+ years has been providing our unique matching service.

A Pets Located Success (March 2020)

Alfie, Lost Cat - Reunited by
"Alfie had been missing for around 10 weeks. We found him on here and within two days he was back home"

A Pets Located Match (March 2020)

Found Cat - Reunited by
"Owner came forward" [posted by RSPCA Hospital]

A Pets Located Match (March 2020)

Lost Cat - Reunited by
"We found him through the site but he didn't come home as he had to be put to sleep. At least we have peace-of-mind"

A Pets Located Success (February 2020)

Twinkle, Lost Cat - Reunited by
From Owner: “Found out where my cat was through this website and she's now home safe in recovery, couldn't be happier!”
Twinkle, Lost Cat - Reunited by
From Finder: “Owner came forward through and [cat] was reunited”

A Pets Located Success (January 2020)

Napkin, Lost Cat - Reunited by
“Matched to a listing on here ... just picked him up. Thank you!”

A Pets Located Success (January 2020)

Charlie, Lost Cockatiel - Reunited by
“Found and collected from rspca and now safely home thank you.”

A Pets Located Success (December 2019)

Tango, Lost Cat Reunited by
“After three weeks we were contacted by someone who had spotted [our] cat.”

A Pets Located Success (December 2019)

Spot, Lost Cat Reunited by
“Spot was located after 4 months missing. He was put on the website and I went to the location, which was only 1 mile away, I confirmed he was mine and a member of the community managed to catch him. He's been home for 10 days now and apart from a check at the vets, resulting in 24 ticks being removed, he's settled back in wonderfully.”

A Pets Located Success (August 2019)

Loki - Reunited by
“I had almost given up all hope of ever seeing Loki again, but one morning before getting ready for work I decided to check through my emails. I noticed one from Pets Located but it was only a 3 out of 5 match, I opened it and followed the link despite expecting disappointment as it had been with so many others. This time was different though as I immediately recognised that the cat in the photos was my little boy who had been missing for almost 5 months. I was shaking from disbelief and adrenaline when I emailed the people who took the photos. I was checking my phone constantly throughout the day until I finally got a response from them. He had been living feral in back gardens only 1 street away, still had his collar on and was only reported once he had started getting noticeably thin. I arranged to collect him the very next day and he immediately came running when he heard my voice. Im thrilled to have him home again, now the giant hole he had left in my heart can finally heal.”