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RSPCA Statement – December 2013

In response to recent interest in our service we would like to make it clear that contracts awarded to are based upon the functionality and practical merit of our service.  Note that any contracts awarded to do not involve or include any financial interactions between and any other organisations.

Any questions regarding other organisations must be referred back to them.

Our aim, as a service, is to reunite pets with their owners in the most efficient manner.  As pet owners, we understand how distressing it can be to lose a pet. was set up after founder, Catherine Inglis, attempted to reunite an elderly one-eyed cat with its owner and was astounded to find out how many different places needed to be notified.  As a finder this was a difficult, time consuming and disjointed process.  Catherine investigated the possibilities of how to simplify this process and make it much easier for finders to connect with owners.  Thus evolved. is an online system that is very easy for both owners and finders to use and automatically and proactively matches lost pets against found pets added to the site.  Potential owners are then alerted by email to any new listing that may match their lost pet.  This process continues for up to 12 months or until the owner removes their listing.  Furthermore, posters can be automatically created from the listing details and can be printed off and used in the local area.  Personal details are protected so there is no need to put your telephone number on a lamppost.

Listings are automatically tweeted out to our followers and users can share their listings on their own social media pages at the click of a button.

Even when owners may have given up hope, our automated system is still continuously checking all new found listings that are added. Owners, therefore, do not need to carry out daily manual checks.

In order to ensure that we can continue to support our users, this week, next week and in the future there is a small charge for lost listings. This charge may be recoverable from your pet insurance. ¬†There is no charge for finders of pets to post.¬†

Nelson the one eyed cat was never reunited with his original owner and so joined Catherine's family as a much loved pet.  Sadly he passed away in October 2013 and is greatly missed.

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