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Pets Located is an independent online resource designed specifically to automatically and proactively reunite missing pets with their owners.

Our unique service continually, automatically matches lost dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, snakes/reptiles (or any other lost pet) with animals which are listed on the site as 'found' and emails registered owners as soon as a potential match is made. We cover the whole of the UK.

— During this difficult period will continue to automatically provide matches for lost pets and notify owners by email 24/7 —
All listings are approved and online immediately following registration —
You can continue to message through the website to ensure that Owners/Finders only meet once you are both sure that the pet is the correct one
Please take appropriate care when meeting to reunite pets
register lost and found cats, dogs, parrots and other pets with Pets Located
Register found pets (such as dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits etc)

Lost a Pet?

To register your lost or stolen pet starts at only £6.00 per pet. This is often recoverable if your pet is insured.

Benefits of Registration

24 hour automatic checking
Automatic checking of your lost pet's details against all registered found pets – 24 hours a day – UK-wide
Automatic Notifications
Automatic email notifications of potential matches
Secure Messaging
Secure Messaging - your personal details are never given to others
Automatic Reminders
Automatic reminders for unread messages
Your pet's details are tweeted to over 12,300 followers - as soon as registration is complete
Share on Social Media
Easy to share your lost pet listing through a large number of social media options such as Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and lots more
Free Posters
Free, downloadable 'Lost Pet' poster
Lost cost - 24 /7 service
Nominal fee for a 24/7 service
Privacy First
Privacy-First Policy - your details are never given to 3rd Parties
Lost Pets across the whole UK
We cover the whole of the UK

Found a Pet?

Registering a found a pet may help to reunite it with its owner. There is no charge to register found pets.

It only takes a few minutes to start the rewarding process of reuniting a lost pet with its owner.

It's easy to register a found pet …

  • Matches with lost pets are automatically emailed to registered owners
  • Secure for you and the pet - the Secure Messaging Service protects your privacy and the location of the animal
  • Register one pet, or use the site as your 'Lost and Found' book
  • Saves Animal Welfare Organisations a lot of time - find out how
  • Helps reunite owners with their pet - even if found miles away
  • It's quick, easy and can be very rewarding reuniting a lost pet with its owner

I've lost my pet, register here

Register a found pet here

Why use Pets

Pets Located uses a proprietary matching engine to continually match 'lost' pets against 'found' pets on the database. This takes place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whenever a lost pet's details are deemed to be a good match to a found pet's details, an email is automatically sent to the owner of the lost pet alerting them of the potential match. Communication can then be made with the Finder through this site's secure messaging service.

At Pets Located we have a menagerie of animals between us and understand how distressing it can be when a pet goes missing. Who's to say when your pet might turn up? Even if you have given up hope, we will still be searching and matching on your behalf, up to a year or more after your pet went missing. Click here for some success stories.

A Pets Located Success (March 2020)

Alfie, Lost Cat - Reunited by
Alfie had been missing for around 10 weeks. We found him on here and within two days he was back home

A Pets Located Match (March 2020)

Found Cat - Reunited by
Posted by RSPCA Hospital:
Owner came forward

A Pets Located Match (March 2020)

Lost Cat - Reunited by
We found him through the site but he didn't come home as he had to be put to sleep. At least we have peace-of-mind

A Recent Reunite (February 2020)

Twinkle, Lost Cat - Reunited by
From Owner:
Found out where my cat was through this website and she's now home safe in recovery, couldn't be happier!
Twinkle, Lost Cat - Reunited by
From Finder:
Owner came forward through and [cat] was reunited

A Recent Reunite (January 2020)

Charlie, Lost Cockatiel - Reunited by
Found and collected from rspca and now safely home thank you.

A Long-Term-Missing Successful Reunite

Spot, Lost Cat Reunited by
Spot was located after 4 months missing. He was put on the website and I went to the location, which was only 1 mile away, I confirmed he was mine and a member of the community managed to catch him. He's been home for 10 days now and apart from a check at the vets, resulting in 24 ticks being removed, he's settled back in wonderfully.

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